Bulk Trash Pickup Services

Bulk Trash Pickup Services

If you have just finished some spring cleaning or have done some renovations on your home and now you are left with excess trash that needs to be removed.  Fortunately there are plenty of services you can call on to get this done for you, they will haul it all away in no time flat.  There are bulk trash pickup services who can get the job done, no matter how big the pile of trash.


There are a variety of differing size dumpsters available, so you needn’t worry that you have too much trash for a small dumpster.  If you only want to clean out your basement or renovate your bathroom then you only need a small dumpster to accommodate all your trash.  But if you plan on gutting your whole home and redoing everything then there are larger dumpsters on hand.  Here is a video showing you what a residential sized dumpster looks like.

Pick Ups

Bulk trash pickup services will do their best to accommodate your drop off and pick up dates and times, even in the wee hours of the morning.  Don’t ever feel that the job is too big to handle, bulk trash pickup services have worked on huge demolition and construction sites.  They can handle any level of trash you need removed.  These guys are trained professionals and they have had years of experience handling loads of every size and weight.  They are more than capable of handling your trash. We recommend Junk Chunkers in Dallas.

Drivers who will come to pickup the dumpster you have rented have been doing this for a long time and they will leave your home and driveway in the condition it was in before the dumpster arrived.  The will make their exit as swiftly as they made their entrance.

When you need bulk pickup services, renting a dumpster is your best bet.  Booking is as simple as making a quick telephone call, the dispatcher will talk to you and take down your details to give you the right price.  Before you call make sure you understand or have a rough idea of how much junk you need to have removed.  Don’t wait around while your mess piles up trying to sneak as much as you can into the residential pickup routes.  If you have questions the employees will be more than happy to answer them for you.  Getting rid of your junk will take no longer than making a phone call and arranging pick up.

Disposing of Your Old Mattress

Disposing of Your Old Mattress

Every 10 years or thereabouts it is time to replace your mattress, but now you need to think about how you’re going to get rid of the old one.  You may only need to dispose of your mattress or it could be the upholstered headboard, mattress and the frame.  Disposing of your old mattress is a lot more complicated than simply lugging it out to the curb.

There are rules to disposing of a mattress that are in place and they are there in large part to protect the environment.  However you have more options than you think for disposing of your old bed.  Some options are far better than others.

Disposing of Your Old Mattress

There is the option of sending your old bed off to be thrown in the landfill, but that is a horrible idea.  First it is incredibly bad for the environment, the materials that compose your old mattress, upholstered headboard are NOT biodegradable.  This means the mattress you threw out will sit there for literally thousands of years.  It is irresponsible to throw your mattress in a landfill and on top of that it is illegal in most municipalities.  If you’re still tempted to throw it in a landfill, not only is it not recommended you could end up paying a very hefty fine.

Recycling Facilities

There are plenty of recycling facilities across the country that will often accept your bed free of charge.  Check with your local sanitation department to find the nearest facility to drop off your old mattress.  Some will only take a limited number of mattresses per month, sometimes this process is more aggravation than it is worth.   There are independent facilities  that will also take your old mattress of your hands, just do a quick Google search to find one near you.

Donating Your Bed

If your bed is still in good condition there are places like the Salvation Army or the local Goodwill who will take it off your hands and give it to charity.  Check with your local church, they often work with low income families in need of beds and other furniture.  Often you can get them to come and pick up your bed at no cost to you.  Not only do you get to dispose of your old mattress but you get to do a community service at the same time.

You do have options for removing the old bed, that are far better than throwing it in a landfill.